Programme for Guides

The Programme for Guides

(10-13 years old)

The programme for Guides places the emphasis on social and moral development when the girls are in awkward age defining their position in society. In the context of this programme the girls have the greater opportunity to participate in numerous all-Ukrainian and international events and projects besides the local level.

This Programme contains 7 Courses:

1.    Socialize easily! Learning objectives of the course are to show the girls the meanings of communication in different spheres, to teach how to solve conflicts, to show the diversity of people, nationalities, and religions, to breed the sense of tolerance, to impart good manners in the girls, to give the information about different cultures, to give basics of human rights and responsibilities.

2. Create Your Own Style! Learning objectives of the course are to help the girls to define or create their own style, to teach them to take care of their bodies, to teach the basics of make-up, to pay attention to the girls appearance, to discuss fashion tendencies, etc.

3. Be Proud of Your Country! Learning objectives of the course are to foster the sense of respect and dignity to Ukraine, to acquaint the girls with the history, culture, lifestyle, traditions of Ukrainian people, to help the girl to identify herself as a citizen of Ukraine and a representative of her nationality.   

4. Learn and Make!  Learning objectives of the course are to develop good house holding skills, to acquire knowledge useful in family life, to impart love to labour, to form in the girls the stereotype of a woman as a family keeper, to develop creativity, to learn principles of personal safety in and out-of-doors, to prepare the girls for the international trips.   

5. Rest with Pleasure (Enjoy Your Leisure)! Learning objectives of the course are to teach the girls to relax, to help the girls to find the proper hobby, to show the variety of ways for spending their free time actively and healthily. 

6. Discover Guiding! Learning objectives of the course are to acquaint girls with the main stages of Guide and Scout Movement in the world and in Ukraine, to create conscious attitude to the Promise and the Law, to accustom the girls to traditions of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, foster the girls in the spirit of tolerance and friendship to Guides and Scouts from different countries.

7. Live Healthy Life! Learning objectives of the course are to introduce the girls to principles of medical knowledge, to form habits of healthy lifestyle, to provide the girls with knowledge about their health, the principles of personal cleanliness, to discuss the problems concerning physiological development of the girls and young womens constitution and reproductive health, to prevent pernicious habits.